What the Hell is a “Meme”

Do you really have to honor the expiry date on cereal?

Bugs begat bugs and those bugs begat more bugs. Today was very frustrating.
I had 1 thing to work on. It was a simple thing. Find out of program X
works or not. In setting up our development version of Inferno I
discovered an interesting and hard to reproduce bug involving a certain set of
circumstances. Not a big deal, but best to get rid of it before someone else
finds it.

Actually I found it friday night in trying to find out about program X. But I

So in trying to figure out about this bug I discovered another one, kinda
related, but separate. Again, something to fix or at least debug a bit before
continuing. So at some point I was again alerted to the fact that the
original reason for doing any of this (program X, hope I’m not confusing
anyone) wasn’t getting finished anytime soon. So I go back to trying to do
this and get bitten in the ass by the first bug! ARGH! After I decided to
just ignore it I found the answers quickly (that’d be “program X doesn’t work
out of the box, you’ll have to recompile, where are the libraries? call
company X, which is on the east coast so they’re not around” (this was 4pm)).

I hope tomorrow goes better. At least my dent is going away a bit.

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