“You can count on…. oooh! macadamia nuts!”

Well, saturday we all went diving. We went over to some place just below
Whytecliff park which had a sandy, sloooooowly sloping out bay bottom. We
went down to about 40 feet or so but there wasn’t much there. Saw some large
sea anenomies (sp?) and a midish-sized ling cod. Our second and third dives
were done at Anneses point, the one with the really crappy walk down. Oh, and
Firefly got rented flippers that were far too small, so she was out
of it 🙁 Speaking of which, I’m still waiting for a call from the dive shop
about a refund or something. Seeing as this was supposed to be the dive that
convinces her that throwing oneself into the blackness of the ocean with
little more than a tank of air strapped perilously to your back is “fun.”
Hopefully it will be better next time.

Tuesday I had the lovely task of dealing with ICBC (again). Last week while having dinner at
an awsome Indian food place (The GM) in Maple Ridge a nice big truck decided
to swing his nose wide while pulling out of the spot beside me and put a nice
big scrape/dent in my passenger side rear quarterpanel! Bah Bah Bah! Luckily
I got the bastard’s license plate and called the fuzz on him. Seeing as it’s
not polite to ignore someone running after you out of a parking lot, I’m quite
happy that he’s responsible for the $800 (estimated by ICBC) damage. Course,
as a new car, you get one tiny scratch and it’s immediately a huge cost. Oh

Oh, and to top it off because the accident happened in Maple Ridge I had to go
to the claim center in Maple Ridge, so instead of just a noon-hour jaunt from
work I ended up working from home and wasting a good two hours of time dealing
with this. Of course then you add in the time for getting the car repaired…

Today I’m home again with a cold… hit me the other night at 2am, 4am, and
6am. You know it’s bad if I get up at 6 and start working 🙂
Anyway, drugs and copious amounts of juice seem to be kicking it, at least a
little. I’m still sniffing, but not feeling like death at this point (well,
maybe a little bit like death… the diet coke of death…).

Oh, and un-reproducable bugs SUCK!