When is a Creek a Creek?

Long, long last couple of days. Bunch of crap I’ve been coding I
finally fixed, only to find another blocker (and not a “why
the heck is this not working” blocker but a “this isn’t going to work”
blocker) standing in my way. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. As
I’ve said many times before, “Bah”.

A slightly more belated Happy Birthday to the ArcterDad, whom
didn’t get a phone call of birthday wishes on his actual birthday on monday
partly because of the above crud, but the other part being that I’m a horrible
son 🙂 Sorry dad, happy birthday and lots of love to you (belated may it be).

Been playing around a lot on Everything2, trying to write more and so
on. It seems that it’s come a long way from the first everything,
where simply putting in a description for something has turned into a war of
XP, GTKY nodes, “old time” noders, and the like. It’s cool though, as it
forces you to use your mind and stretch your writing muscle a bit. Hitting 25
nodes got me to level 2 (whoooooohhoooooo!) even if it doesn’t mean anything
(oh, never mind then).

Watched the Star
Trek: Enterprise
premier tonight with the gang on the big screen at the
office. I would have liked to be home vegging on the couch, hitting bed right
at 10:01, and sleeping for my allotted 8 hours and 59 minutes till I had to
wake up in the morning, but that’s not going to happen, especially as I’m
writing this at almost midnight. The show itself was, IMHO, pretty good. The
theme I think everyone
has agreed, has to go, and there were some concessions made to try to merge
tech created in the 60s with what we can do today, and not make it look
completely hokey so that no one will ever watch it again. There were some
tired stereotypes examined, and a (minor) time travel reference thing was
called in. I agree with Engel and Foz, the time travel stuff has to
. I hope that it drifts into the sidelines for 99% of the time,
like in the Original Series, where it was only used occasionally. Actually,
was it ever really used, or was it just planets that look like ours with human
like people doing things from earth’s past that they encountered
(GangsterLand, RomanLand, NaziLand, etc)? I’m going to continue watching it
though, and give it a chance. Looking back on some of the series
premiers/pilots (Encounter at Farpoint, The Menegerie(sp?)) those shows came a
long, long way.

The 2 hour show felt very much like a movie to me, simply in that it wasn’t
restricted to 5 camera angles and set configurations like the
TNG and ST:Voy that we’re all used to. Lots of outdoor sets, character
development via the past, and what seemed like a lot more angles and freedom
of movement and camera work. We’ll see if that goes away now that they are on
their mission into space.

Argh, and galeon is crashing with
the new glibc that is in debian unstable today, best avoid updating it for a