I forgot the sacraficial chicken again.

Fred got me a sweet new hard drive for the UFies.org box a while back, and I
finally got around to installing it. For once the install went perfectly.
Everything worked the first time, 0 problems, hell, I didn’t even need to keep
the cover off for the first boot, and that never happens.

After I got home from New West (where it’s hosted) I copied files around,
re-arranged space, etc. Somewhere along the way I decided that copying /home
to someplace else, “just in case”, was a good idea. At the same time I did
some upgrading of packages. I don’t know if this is the reason, but after a
bit I got some strange errors from the hard drive. I tried to put / in read
only mode to try to prevent any more damage being done, but that either didn’t
do anything or didn’t help. The filesystem is in RO mode but the command to
put it there is apparently still running.

Other things also stopped working, like ‘su’ (which lets me go into superuser
mode so I can reboot) which just froze up my session as soon as I put in the
root password. My / partition is now apparently about 4200G, definately more
than I put in there. And it has no inodes. Bah. This morning when I got up
at 7 (couldn’t sleep) apparently /bin and /lib (both very important) are empty,
but you can still run commands from them.

The guys at paralynx have been left messages, but until they get in there’s
nothing I can do. Of course, if it’s more than a fsck will fix, then I have
to get the box, rebuild it, and get it back out there. Lots and lots of fun.
I wonder how much beer/guinness/pizza this will cost me 🙁