May Your Offspring Feast on the Entrails of your Victims

I’m still on yesturday’s time to be honest. I spent most of the day
Sunday and Saturday night after coming back from diving reconstructing the box. I put a new drive in (thanks Fred!) and it went perfectly, and
then while copying data to / from the old drive (backing up 4G of /home)
Something Bad(tm) happened, and it did strange things. When I got a chance to
get it and pull the drives, it looked like the MBR, or something, was gone.
The data on all drives was all fine, but when I tried to boot it just gave a
blank screen. Not “LILO, “LI” or “L”. So I reinstalled linux, did some magic
to make it work, and spent the day getting everything back up and going.

Just so everyone knows, there was no (that I could see) data loss. Mail, web,
and home directories are just fine. Just the box is in parts on my living
room floor is all 🙂 Thanks to the offers of hardware for those who saw my
post about possible Really Bad Things(tm) happening, and offered.

Now I just have to put the box back togeather physically and take it back to the
co-lo (which Kelora is kind enough to be trying to arrange for tomorrow
(today) (monday).

Today was also a very wonderful thanksgiving dinner up and Iambe’s. Turkey,
stuffing, veggies, the whole works, with lots of friends around. A good time
was had by all, especially those who played porno scrabble afterwards (while
the Risk Game to End All Risk Games was being played by
Engel, Firefly, Cyranth and CyranthSqueeze.

Now it’s really fscking late and it’s time to go to bed.