Oh $DEITY it’s Hard to be Humble…

What a week. I just spent the last 4 days along with the other developers in a
marathon short term project. I’ve written some of the coolest stuff and done
some (IMHO) very good code lately. Right now it’s almost 1am and we’re in a
‘testing’ phase (which is what I thought was supposed to be done tomorrow, but
oh well). Making this especially more sucky is the fact that this whole ‘get
in shape’ thing I’ve been doing lately means that I get to get up an hour
earlier tomorrow. In just over 5 hours. Add into that the fact that we’re
still testing, and I have a half hour drive home anyway, and bah, this sux0rs.
I’m glad when it’ll be done though, and if it all works out I may just come
home before midnight tomorrow!

Note to self: Check the web archive when
they don’t suck more to look for my original web
and maybe some history of the current one.
It’ll be cool to see how far things have come. Course, right now I’m just
getting errors when I try to view anything….