Ray Park Is Awsome

I was Luke Skywalker. I was also a kernel hacker, trying to do what I’m trying
to do in Real Life. My dream took place over a fairly long period of time. It
started when I was young, and had pranksters doing things to my home in
suburbia. As I got older, I became aware of my job, and my quest. In this case
my quest was to fit the Linux 2.4 kernel onto a embedded firewall device
(which is similar to in Real Life, the Firecard ). My job took me into the
city, across a large bridge at night (that’s one of the images that sticks
clearly in my mind anyway… think the final scene in Interview With The

When in the city I met back up with my sister (Princess Leia) and a couple of
friends. They were in hiding, planning a rebellion against the Emperor. The
Emperor was the prankster, and looked like the actor who played Q, John de
Lancie in his guest appearance on Special Unit 2 . I heard that something was
happening, he was coming or had heard about us or something and went away,
running up the street. For what seemed like a long time I didn’t return to the
sanctuary that was our hiding place. Then one halloween the Emperor and his
sidekick, Darth Maul came to town. They were both out of costume, as I was I,
so we didn’t recognize each other. Either that or we did but had to pretend we
didn’t know who the other was.

There was a huge crowd of people going down the main street. When Darth Maul
passed me (without his horns or red face on) I said “Hey, that’s Ray Park!”
and he turned and looked at me, snarling. “What did you say?” he groweled at
me. “Ray Park, he’s an awsome fighter ,” I stammered, (not un-truthfully…
it’s funny how reality and fantasy mix in the dream world). “That’s right
buddy!” he said happily and started play-fighthing with me. When he left I
told my friends “Oh My God! Ray Park was play fighting with me!” Pretty cool
stuff, even for a dream. As Maul and the Emperor got closer to my friends’ old
hiding place, I managed to slip ahead of them in the crowd and get into
costume/uniform. I was caught by them going to the hiding place and was forced
to lead them to it.

When we got there it was deserted. The Emperor was pretty pissed off, and
demanded to know where everyone was. I had no clue, but noticed out of the
side of my vision a piece of paper with notes scrawled on it. Something like:

1994-5 – rebellion intact

1996-7 – rebellion intact

1998-9 – rebellion intact

2000-1 – rebellion intact

So I knew that they were around. There was also a sketch (hologram?) of the
members, but none of them were my sister or my friends. Sadly I didn’t get to
wake up and defeat evil, due to a greater evil. My alarm clock.

I can see where a lot of this dream came from though. I watched Episode 1 a
couple of days ago. John de Lancie was on SU2 last night. One of the guys from
work came as Darth Maul yesturday and I had a conversation about getting the
2.4 kernel onto our Firewall device.