Never, EVER go shopping on New Years Eve…

Messed up dreams….

I was a this huge PNE type display, not a display, but more like a rodeo.
There were lots of people, and in the dirt below the stands are lots of boy
scouts. I have no idea why I’m there, but I think I’m trying to solve a crime
of some sort. My old scout leader and father of my friend (Darcy D’s) tells
me that I’m going to be speaking. I guess he had told me before and I hadn’t
believed him, because this time it rings true, and I am very much against it.
“I don’t mind public speaking so much,” I tell him, and huge
stretch of the truth, “but I don’t like speaking in front of such huge

Somehow I guess I’m roped in and end up trying to get a pencil and paper to
start writing my speech, which starts with (and I remember clearly) talking
about how scouts really started with going to Beavers, where the motto is “Do
Your Best.” Amidst trying to find paper that isn’t full of writing already (I
have to erase several lines of writing from the paper I find) and that I can
write on (at least one won’t let me write on it) I find one and start my
speech. Of course about then my other role in the dream kicks in, that of
detective. I’m chasing someone, who did something, or trying to figure out
who did what. One of the people is someone who looks a lot like Lucy Liu, and
I try to trip her up by confusing her, “So the juice cans, I mean payoffs….”

Luckily I was woken up by a phone ringing before I had to go and do any

I actually had another one, good enough that when I woke up at 5 I thought I
really should write it down, but I ended up going back to sleep to have the
above dream.