Mondays Really Really Really Suck

Lets see, the last time I went to the gym it felt like monday because it was
the first time during the week that I had gone. Having the lady at the front
desk say “Have a good weekend guys!” was like having Christmas all over again.

This monday was nowhere near as good. By any remote stretch of the

Started out with a 20 minute run, and weights. Hey, nothing wrong there. Get
to work and things just start going downhill. The good part is that after a
bit I forgot that my leg had started to cramp up. See, about 6 months ago
part X needed some fixes… at the time there was no way to do it “nicely,” so
it got put on the backburner. Because there are always fires to fight in this
exciting adventure I call my life, it got forgotten (by me, I take full
responsibility). Only thing is that it had a 1 year limit, and caused bad
things to happen. So pretty much the first thing that happened to me was
getting beaten over the head with two rolled up posters (a map of the
and a tux poster) by
the boss. Oh the joy.

Things were fixed, and a utility which is pretty cool was created (though it’s
not going to be needed for another 9 or 10 years), and this will all be 99%
hidden from the end user. Still, it was a fuck up and it sucked.

My buddy Cat5 sent me some amusing quotes about cats which I posted here.
And while I soaked in the tub tonight washing the day away, my kitten decided to dropped her back half into the water.
She was quite confused and very wet. Spent the next hour licking herself (fur
and pride) clean and giving me distastful little looks, like it was my fault.
Typical! 🙂

I’m sure there was a lot of other things I wanted to put down but that’s all I
can think of right now. Sounds like it’s time for bed.