[Some Witty Tolkien Quote Here]

Yup, saw Lord of the Rings
tonight. My micro-review: go see it. If you haven’t read the books before,
then read the first one, or listen to the audiobook, and then go see it.
Actually, just go see it.

Works been good I guess, bugs keep on getting squashed, but all the new stuff
that’s all exciting and so forth is just out of reach for a few more
days it seems, until I have time to set up a proper build environment so I can
actually find the time to be hack up some of Kev’s build scripts.

So it’s the staff christmas party tomorrow,
and I have a borrowed jacket, which actually fits very nicely. I’m stuck with
my cargo pants, as they are the “other” pair. Still haven’t gotten anything
for the gift exchange yet, hopefully that can be taken care of tomorrow. I’d
like to get a pair of decent pants, shoes and shirt too, but for once a year
I’ll have to rough it with the old stuff. I was actually thinking of getting
togeather with foz and engel and going in tophats and tails, but the cost of
renting ($120+) for a night, coupled with the fact that we can’t see how they
look until they get here (which would have been tonight if I’d ordered on the
day that I asked around), and it’s just for a bit of ‘gee wow’
factor, it’s just not worth it. Maybe with my .com millions….

Bed now. Bike Nazi day tomorrow.