“It Would Seem That The Ring Wraiths Have Scattered”

What a middle of the road couple of days, sadly moving more onto the “blah”
side. Starting with an E2 meet (my
first) in vancouver friday night. It was ok I guess, decent people, who were
friendly enough to the new ones among them. Still, I was reminded that I’m
shy and don’t react all that well to new people. Saturday was a party to
celebrate K’s birthday (happy birthday!) and UFie Dramoth’s arrival. This was
broken by a brother getting too drunk and turning into a complete asshole at
the mere thought that anyone should have a dick bigger than his (either
literally or metaphorically). Having him try to beat the shit out of a friend
of mine, and then having to deal with being friends with both of his sisters,
each of which has a separate viewpoint on things. sigh It’s so
fun being me. Oh, then sunday it was blowing very very hard, and we had an
hour or so of power outage. That was fun, and I found that my one flashlight
is indeed within finding range. Interesting how completely black things go…
Then today random person one got totally pissed (and I mean totally) at random
person two. Not completely justifiably, and not completely unjustifiably.

I’m getting sick and tired of being the one who is always sitting on the
fence, and trying to keep peace between my various factions of friends.
Especially when I can’t stand solidly on one side or the other with a true
concience. Again, everyone is right to a degree, but not completely. Maybe
I’m just weird because I don’t fly completely off the handle one way or the
other…. though perhaps it’s because I don’t have a mind of my own and only
can act based on other peoples suggestions and ideas. But I don’t think so.
I, of course, cannot even stand on the fence without looking like I’m sucking
up one way or the other. I could throw secrets back and give a few
things to think about, but they are just that, secrets. Things were much
simpler before.

On a brighter note, christmas is almost here. Yay. Joy. Etc. Christmas
shopping has been kinda started, but not really. As I’ve said every year
before this, I have to start earlier. I went out shopping saturday, but that
was “there is no food in the house” type shopping, and I can only take so much
of malls and stores around this time of year.

The Lord of the Rings movie is coming out on wednesday (part of the reason for
the above stress incidentally), and I’m hoping that they don’t butcher it.
After I’ve seen it I will have been exposed to three different versions, the
book (which I read when I had my holiday this February), the BBC audio version
(listening to it now on audiobook mp3 while working) and the movie. I’ve
noticed a few places that have been glossed over in the audiobook, even though
it is 13 hours long! The first book part of the audiobook
series is about 4 hours long (so far) and they’ve missed out some major things
that I remember from the book (the tree for one). I really hope that the LOTR
on the big screen doesn’t completely suck ass.