A Lot of Shit Has Happened In My Life, But The One Thing That Makes Me Want To Cry Is

Stressful couple of days. Very. More deadlines (go figure) as
usual. We thought we were ready, but on friday as it got closer and closer to
1pm when we were supposed to show our warez to the boss things started looking
bleaker and bleaker. Don’t get me wrong, the team had performed
awsome in the last couple of weeks, creating a whole new build
system, and re-writing some major software from scratch. Some details that
were pretty major went untested until that day, with the assumption that
they’d work and we could spend till 1 working on the little niggly bits.
Turned out the niggly bits killed us before we got to them.

I worked without break from that morning till around 7 that night (no food,
oh the humanity!) when we had more fixed, and things were getting
closer to being done. More work friday night after a great meal and some
mental downtime. The problem I have now is there is a bug in the Java code
(ScoobyD please fix!) that prevents me from sending off data, which makes
things very hard to test. Luckily I can build disks for the disk/cdrom

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