Fourty Days and Fourty Nights

Well, today started off pretty poorly. I took A to the airport to go off to
visit a friend of hers in for a week, and the flight with the good deal
left at 7:30am. Yikes. So I figured “I’m up already, why not just head into
work to do some of the stuff that I had to do from the office. Well, I show
up at the office to realize I’d lent my outside key to Engel a few days
earlier so he could get in on a weekend, and hadn’t got it back. So
I was out of luck, stuck at the office with no way to get in, before anyone
would be up enough that I’d not feel guilty calling them. Couldn’t even jimmy
the door open, and I didn’t have a lockpick set to try to get in that way. So
yea, another half hour drive back here to dick around with things that I can
work on (the list is rapidly diminishing). Think that I’ll be heading to see
BlackHawk Down for
some war movie action with the boys.

I have two new additions to my ever growing list of Celebrity Corporate
Whore Sell-Outs
. This are artists or celebs who are whoring
themselves out to companies to flaunt their products or services. New to the
list are…

  • Garth Brooks

    This one hurt me the most. He’s giving it up for Dr. Pepper, and singing
    some stupid song that sounds like it should be one of his, but the
    words are something along the lines of “Dr. Pepper is so awsome, it’s so
    wonderful, rots your teeth slightly less than the rest of the crappy pop out
    .” Kinda got a nice ring to it doesn’t it. The best
    part of this (at least for Garth) is that the end of the ad is a plug for his
    new album Scarecrow.
  • B.B. King

    The reigning King of Blues is going
    with the “BB with BK” slogan as he whores out to Burger King.
  • Richard Dean Anderson

    Better known as McGuyver, hero to all and hearthrob of some, star of
    multiple movies, series, and the current show, Stargate SG1, is whoring out
    calling cards or something like that. Oh how the mightly have fallen. And
    not even a cute tie in where he makes a telephone with a swiss army knife, an
    old tire, and a broken CD case.

I’m not even going to mention Britney Spears and her whoring out to Pepsi,
to which I am subjected to at the start of every movie I go to at the Silver
City theatre. At least she looks the part of a Corporate