The Ability to Breath is Required for Any Type of Running

Upped my speed on my morning run to 6mph… probably not a good choice when
you can’t really breath and are hacking up phlem. When I finished I felt like
passing out, but I did it. The problem is that from now on it’s only going to
get worse (and worse, and worse).

Last night had a belated Christmas dinner with my family and relatives from
vancouver. It was very nice, especially the meal (mmm…. ). Driving back I
had a stroke of luck. I heard the call on the radio for a contest for a CD,
called in, and amazingly enough didn’t get a busy signal. I’m sure I
sounded like a complete moron when I answered the phone though, as I wasn’t
sure if a) I’d called the right number and b) if I had actually heard it right
and I may have been calling in at the wrong time! But nope, I’m soon to be
the proud owner of the new CD from Alan Jackson.

Zoon decided that she found me acceptable to climb up on last night as well.
I guess with Firefly not around she only had me to do that on. See what she
does is wait until you’re bending over the sink brushing your teeth or combing
your hair or something and jumps up to your butt (or thereabouts) and claws
her way up to your shoulder, where she says “<meow>” and looks
very pleased with herself. She’s surprisingly good with claws as well, so
it’s not overly painful. A bonus for her is she is closer to the hair
elastics, which she will sometimes grab, play with, and store by my side of
the bed for me (probably saying something like “you stupid biped, you’ve got
too much hair”).

She did this again this morning, and that was fine, except for one
minor detail: No shirt on yet.
OUCH! I’ve got a claw print about mid back now, which is as
far as she got before I got my back as horizontal as possible so she didn’t
have to use (more) claws and got her off. I guess the cuteness quotient of an
action is inversly proportional to the amount of pain it causes.

cuteness quotient = ( amount of cuteness / pain caused )