“We Just can’t Pretend / That Lovers Make Amends” — Perfect, Smashing Pumpkins

This week has been busy. We finally got the latest project work at work to a
state where it doesn’t suck, and demoed it to the boss. Actually went
relatively well, and the one error that was encountered wasn’t mine (ha!).
We’re actually approaching the stage where we can give it to the techs and
have them bang away on it. Sadly a lot of the stuff I was working on before
has been put on the back burner trying to get this to a useable state in time
for our deadline. When the pressure is off I’ll have time to go back and
finish up my bug list.

Been hanging out with friends a lot lately, which is nice. Cat5 and Dragon
were over tonight to watch Saving
Private Ryan
and eat my home cooked (but not home made) perogies. No one
complained of stomach pain, so I’m assuming they were ok. The other day a
whole wack of people went out to see Black Hawk Down which was good,
but was like the first 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan, but sustained for
over 2.5 hours. That is to say, watching the movie was like getting beaten
over the head with a shovel. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but brutal,
they didn’t pull any punches visually, and when people got shot, or blown up,
well, you saw all that. Definately doesn’t make me want to run to my local
recruiting office and join up.

The house is slowly getting cleaned. This last week I’ve tried (tried) to get
a bit done each day, one day laundry and garbage, another dishes, the next
vaccuuming… It hasn’t worked out totally that way, but it’s getting there.
It’s a constant battle against the cats though….

Speaking of cats, my buddy Foz posted a link
for me, it’s a Random Kitten
… very cute.

Oh, and in response to solas‘s post about
Male Nipples,
I will respond with wisdom from a man much smarter than I who
explained that men’s nipples are decoys, used to attrack other nipples. QED

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