“She Shoots She SCORES!!!!!!

According to Engel no American really cares about hockey,
but I think he’s full of it. Of course, after the Canadian womem kicked some US
ass in the fight for olympic gold (in a close 3-2 game), I can see why. We had
a goal advantage for most of the game, 2-1 up to the middle of the second
period, and 3-1 up to the middle of the 3rd. There were some really
shitty penalties called against us, 12+ in all, it was crazy. The
Canada/Finland game last night was much better… the ref’s just let the players
play for the most part. Course, in a Canada vs. US for gold, on US ice, with US
refs, it wasn’t surprising. Our women did awsome penelty
killing and managed to keep the defense up and just did an awsome job. It was a
great game from both sides.

Of course, Americans have the Glutton
to dry their eyes with. Yes, that’s right, the glutton bowl… another
invention from the people at Fox, with events
such as butter stick eating… ahhhh the glory that the redneck toads that were
competing must feel to know they eat more sticks of butter, boiled eggs, or
whatever. It was impressively scary though, with announcers that think they are
at the olympics, or at least, the WWF.

After watching it for a bit (approx .042 seconds) I switched back to something
else. I ran to do some laundry, and came back to find my lone fish (of the
three, the one in the fishbowl by itself) on
the floor with the bowl sitting on the desk (they are on a shelf above the
). I figured the little guy was dead and I just hadn’t noticed the
commotion when I came in (basically I headed to the couch for dinner). I got a
piece of toilet paper to give him a proper burial, and he jumped! A
bit of fumbling later and I have a groggy fish enjoying a late night snack 🙂


Oh, and thanks to the tenant here who moved my laundry into the remaining time
in your dryer. Thanks! a kind gesture, and I’m glad you’re not a mean