Strange half naked men should not be talking to me.

Well, Canada won the gold in men’s hockey as well as women’s, which is awsome.
Most hilarious I think are the postings on Wil’s blog here and here. At
least he nicely admitted defeat 🙂 After the game Iambe and I drove up and down
the main street of town a couple of times. It was amazing… everyone was
driving slow, honking their horns, and there were Canadian flags everywhere.
Even a couple of girls who I saw flashing some boobies… not at the car with
the “Tits for gold” sign in it (or at least, not when I saw them). Oh well, it
was great fun seeing such an amazing show of patriotism…. apparently TV
viewship records were shattered all over the place. They probably didn’t factor
in the people watching it on the net, or getting the info over it anyway, or the
groups of people getting togeather to watch it (a few people headed into work to
watch it on the projector).

Had a few trippy dreams lately. The one from a while ago (which is strange, as
I seldom remember anything for more than a few minutes after I wake up) was me
riding down the hill in front of my parents house on one of those razor scooter
things, and launching off the bottom of the hill (it’s a hill with a curve at
the bottom, and below the curve is farmland with trees on it) and somehow
maintaining just enough lift to maintain flight. Just a tiny bit too
much though, because I kept on trying to reach down and grab at tree tops as if
I didn’t and I kept on maintaining the lift I was I’d end up going over the
cliff below. Just as I grabbed at the last tall tree just below me and my
fingers slipped off it is when I jerked awake.

The one I had last night involved going out for Dim Sum (mmmmmmm….. Dim
Sum….) and leaving without paying. I didn’t mean to though, and felt really
bad, and drove back to pay. Somehow I backed my car into something (slowly) and
smunched the rear corner and the spoiler.

Firefly and FireflyMom have been doing more changes around the house. Seems
like they are replacing shelves with rolling shelves/drawers. This is good,
because it’ll let us organize stuff better. Hopefully it won’t make it easier
to get more stuff, which would suck, because there’s too much already.
Last night I came home to a houseful of people, powertools, and chaos. I did
the only honorable thing and hid with my head in the sand, and watched some silly movie that was on.

Oh, almost forgot. Yesturday I got the honor of being invited back to my school as an alumni to be part of their
“Directions 2002” show. What the theory was was that they have all these booths
(recruiting, etc) and students and guests wander around. One of the booths was
the “Alumni Insprirations” booth where myself and a gaggle of crim students (I
was the only CIS person there) stood around. The theory was that students come
over and talk to us, and we tell them how wonderful the workplace is, and how
they have to do well in school to become wonderful like us. Not a lot did
though. To be honest, of the people I talked to, one was looking for an RCMP
display, one wanted to look at the pamphlet that I got, one was the co-ordinator
of the Alumni thing, and the rest (there were about 3) were old profs that came
over to see how things were. Oh, and one guy who wanted to know if I worked where I work and if there were any job opportunities. Lets just say
I enjoyed talking to the profs a lot. It’s not every day you can get into a
discussion on ASM code and gate logic and how that relates to C# and programming
in this modern era. I gotta thank SilverStr though, as he was invited as
well, and gave me a ride (I had carpooled in yesturday).

I say “though” a lot? 4 times in the above 5 paragaphs. Is that normal? I
really worry about these things… probably not something to worry about though.

Thought for the day: “I have cats so I can talk to myself
without people looking at me funny.” — me