“The M&M guy is always loosing his lip lock”

Well, I won’t say it was a bad weekend, but it had it’s moments. I don’t mind
picking parents up from their holiday, it was early in the morning, but hey, I
managed to get a lot done on saturday, I didn’t sit on my ass all day, got the
car washed and set to go in for a bit of maintenance, did some shopping, some
cleaning, etc. Saturday night we went to the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”
featuring Larry the Cable Guy (I hadn’t hard of him either), some guy whose name
I don’t remember, Bill Engval and
(headlining) Jeff Foxworthy. It was
a great show, well worth the $50/ticket that I had to pay (bah, ticket master and their “service charges.”
The best part of the show was the end though (but not how that sounds). At the
end of the show the 4 guys came out and told stories. They have been friends
for 15 years or so so they basically just sat up there and shot the shit, and
got each other to tell funny stories. It was absolutely fantastic, as there is
something to say about seeing genuinely funny people doing their thing without
going from a script or using their old material. Though I’m sure that it wasn’t
completely spontanious, it was still great. The two guys I’ve got
albums from (Engval and Foxworthy) recycled some old material, but it was still

So that was saturday. A busy morning, evening and day. Sunday will be my
saviour though, and let me sleep in.

No such luck.

Sunday started at 7:57am with a call saying “Firefly’s horses have escaped, we
need you to come and help find them.” Arrrrgh. So I was up and out the door in
about 3 minutes, and then spent the next couple of hours driving around the
backwoods of maple ridge searching for two lost, rather large, horses. Turns
out some guy found them late last night and put them in his paddock, with a sign
by the road saying “2 Horses Found.” After that well, FireflyMom needed us to
fix the barn, empty out a trailer, fix some doors, put new hinges and latches on
the stalls… you get the picture 🙂 So 6 hours later I am allowed to go home,
where I do nothing until laundry that evening (oh, and discovering at 8 that one
of the washers is busted and there are 3 loads to go in sucks by the way).

I was thinking of taking monday off simply to get to sleep in 🙂 (I didn’t of
course 🙂

A link for dad… do you remember this old