Sometimes you have to rebel just for the sake of not being a sheep.

First of all a tiny belated birthday to Sonilla of, who hit another birthday sometime yesturday. Hope you had a good one!

Finally got a lazy weekend. Played a lot of Navy
Seals – Covert Operations
to “evaluate” it, and my initial impressions
weren’t all that good, but after a while it gained in appeal. Saturday I ended
up running around town some, and finally got the duvet dry-cleaned.
This removed the cat-pee smell, and also had the added bonus of evenly
distributing the inside fluff. Also wandered through the malls to see if
anything had changed, and discovered the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Met up with solas in London Drugs and we
hooked up to play with the OS/X machines they
had there. No sign of the new iMacs yet though. I was shocked by the prices of
the flat panel LCDs. Someone said they were way down in price, but no chance.
Admittedly London Drugs is higher priced than one could get them for, but the
cost of a 15″ LCD was still in the $800+ range 🙁

My dream workstation would have two machines, each of the same specs. One would
have a Matrox dual head card that would power two 17″ (hell, lets make it 19″!)
LCD monitors for me to do “real” work on. The other box would have a huge ass
21″ CRT that would be used pretty much exclusively for gaming (as CRTs don’t
have the delays and “ghosting” that LCDs (still) have).

Sunday I pretty much sat on my ass. There was nothing on TV as usual, so I got
through some more of Cryptonomicon and played more Navy SEALs. Had dinner with
my parents and had an awsome Indian meal (which went nicely with the one I had
at the GM restaurant in Maple Ridge Saturday night. They had just gotten back
from Bali and Singapore last week, and had some neat stuff, including a very
nice (but too cold to wear outside right now) shirt, and chopsticks in a
beautifully carved chopstick box. Very snazzy.

This morning had me in a good workout…. 20 min of running at 6.0 left me
sweating and out of breath, which, while painful, was good. Tomorrow is a
sleep-in day! Whohoooo!