Littering aaaannnnd? Littering aaaannnnd? Littering

Finally figured out what was/is happening with my money. I thought I
was just bad with money, and thats why my account doesn’t move up as
fast as it should have (or not at all).

What was supposed to be happening was 10% was supposed to come off each
paycheck every 2 weeks and be moved into a “holding” (RRSP eligable) account at
my bank. At the end of the month, that money was supposed to be moved into my
RRSP mutual funds.

So after each paycheck, $X, end of the month, $X*2 ($2X) is
moved out. That’s what was supposed to be happening.

First thing bank dude tells me is that the money is not moving into the
mutual funds, but is just sitting in the holding account gaining %0.03
interest or some shit like that.

Lots of piss off there, as I’m not getting my interest, but at least there’s
a nice chunk of RRSP eligable cash there for this years tax return.

Then he calls back today and says that he was partially wrong,
the money was going into the holding account, and the money was going
into the mutual funds. However, those two actions were an “and”, not a “then”.
So I’ve been double billed $4X (not $2X like I was supposed to be) a month for
the last year. My nice nest egg in the holding fund (@0.03%) is a mirror of the
amount that was moved into my mutual funds.

ARGH! Course, I’ve yet to get an RRSP receipt for either of those large
sums from anyone (though he’s getting copies of the one for me, and we only
found out about the double billing late this afternoon). Hopefully I have
the full story now and enough to figure it all out and resolve things. Good
to know that money has not gone missing, and my RRSP contributions will be nice and
fat this year (double what I expected in fact), but still, basically I’m losing
liquid cash of the equivelant of my rent, or a car payment every month!

On the upside it looks like the new version of the stuff we’ve been working on
is finally ready to hit quality assurance, though there is one tiny
feature not yet implemented that I have to fix up quickly.