There’s nothing wrong with killer robots from venus

Ok, no bitching from me today! There’s a shocker for you eh? Several awsome
things happened today!

  • We finally got the project to the Quality Assurance and tech
    people. This has taken forever, but it’s finally in their hands. I’m sure
    it’ll be back in the developers soon enough, for bugs, but at least it’s not
    just us who get to touch it anymore.
  • Found that the S/MIME patch has gone into the mutt CVS tree, which means that (with a bit of
    diddling) I’m about -><- that close to dumping fuckingnetscape4pointx once
    and for all.
  • Got a new monitor at work. I’ve been thinking my eyes were going, and that
    maybe my monitor at home was looking better than the one at work because it was
    bigger (mmmmmmm…. 19″ flatscreen NEC crt….. mmmm…..), but when I convinced
    the boss to swap my fuzzy monitor with a better one, the difference was, well,
    apparent πŸ™‚ This is related to the next good thing that happened to me.
  • While fuzzy, the second monitor is still at my desk, curtesy of a spare
    video card that SilverStr found for
    me, meaning, yes baby, Xinerama.

    The “problem” with this is that now I have two monitors on my desk, and my desk
    is this shape:

    | |
    | +
    | |:-) πŸ™‚ = me
    | |

    and before the monitor would slide nicely into the large area in front of me.
    Now with two, either they are side by side, both much closer to me than before,
    or one is slid back, and the other is off on the side of the desk, and I loose
    the “large desktop” feel. So far I’ve gone with the side by side method.

    Disadvantage number two is that the top shelf unit of the desk has been removed.
    I’m still nicely buffered and hidden by the other two units on either side of
    me, but man, I got a lot of crap! 3 shirts, about 7 stuffed penguins, many many
    books, manuals, and misc pieces of office equipment! Without a top shelf means
    I have to actually clean now!

    Minor bitch number three is about Xinerama and the nVidea cards… more specifically, the Geforce2
    doesn’t play with Xinerama and 3d games πŸ™ It tries to set the video mode for
    the entire desktop I guess, and it can’t, as it only controls half of it. End
    result is that I have to swap from a Xinerama to non-Xinerama setup when I play
    quake at work (which isn’t as often as to be a pain in the buttocks of course,
    but if I can find a way to do it without restarting things, I’d be happier).

So that’s it, my day, a happy day! And tomorrow I get to sleep in, as I played
some good squash this morning πŸ™‚