Xinerama Heaven

This weekend has been slow, kinda. Saturday I got to do manly things like bash
nails (and move wheelbarrows full of horseshit around, but lets not dwell on
that part k?). Shopping happened as well, which was as sucky as usual, and then
went to bed early. This turned out to be a mistake, as I didn’t sleep well, and
ended up waking up at 6:30 with a cat sitting on my head or whining for
attention or something. Ended getting up by 8 or so and by mid-morning… well,
hell it was unusual enough to see mid-morning period! I ended up
falling asleep on the couch at noon though, not sure why. I hope it doesn’t
affect my sleep tonight, as it’s monday tomorrow which means it’s a gym-morning,
which could potentially suck.

Hmm….. not much else to say. Oh yea… is down, I don’t know why, I
assume something wacky happened, hopefully a boot by the guys at paralynx will
get it all back up and going. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.