“Like a crack monkey with a scalple…”

Ok, so friday I finally got the box up, going, with RAID5 all nicely going,
various things restored and ready to go. Even put it through a burn in of sorts
by copying various people’s home directories to my workstation here for burning.
I took the box into new west after work and put it in. That night I did some
restoring and getting some niggly bits fixed up, figuring that this weekend
would be spent slowly restoring things.

This afternoon/evening I log in to do some playing with movable type, and my session freezes
solid. No ping, nothing…. a real piss off, as among other
things, there’s no one at the colo who can get me in, and I have to put the two
sysadmins, Tom and Ken, out of there way. I’m sure that this is only marginally
less annoying for them than it is for me. I got a hold of Ken this evening, and
hopefully he can get me in tomorrow. What completely pisses me off is that I
have no idea what is wrong. It could be something like a bad port on the hub,
(<fingers crossed>) but I really doubt it. I hope that there’s
some way to tell what the hell is going on too. I managed to steal a
motherboard from Jason, and will throw some ram my my home system in to replace
those parts. If it’s a random lock up it could be ram, but who knows. It’s
hard to elminate reasons why without seeing the box of course. I just hope this
didn’t take any of the hard drives with it, or destroyed any data. There’s
really no reason for any of it, so something random like a bad motherboard or
ram might explain that. Hard to diagnose though šŸ™

So much for having a good weekend.

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