UFies.org update

Ok, here’s a quickie update: New hardware (case + HDs) have been got, and the
hardware is all installed. I have to do some set up still, but the OS has been
installed onto another drive, and will be copied across to the new one(s)
which will be using software IDE RAID5 on /usr/ and /var/. Root (/) will be a
plain old ext2 system (with ext3 journalling extensions) that will be rsynced
between the three partitions on the 3 drives daily, for a hot backup, and to
prevent problems if the RAID decides to die. After that I just need to copy
across my restore file(s) and the system can get back up.

I did loose a lot of db data, as the backups weren’t working properly πŸ™ One
database (mysql) is back to early march and postgres (p2p πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ ) is back to
january or something crazy like that. I’m hoping there’s an sql dump somewhere,
but there may not be. I’m probably going to take this opportunity to convert
ufies.org from phpnuke to movable type as well.

If all goes well for me, I’ll have this or at least enough of this so that I can
take it back to the co-lo, done by tomorrow. If not, it’ll have to be the day

I hate hardware, computers, and the internet.