“Del, why are Joe’s legs wrapped around your body?”

Slow week… sadly I can’t say what’s going on at work with you-know-what yet, but those
of you who care about you-know-what already know.

So what has been going on in my life lately. Well, not a lot. Tonight we were
invited to Foz‘s place down the hall (I
hate these get togeathers where you have to go so far you know!) as his parents
were in town and they wanted to have a good ‘ol Kentucky cook out. We had
Jumbalia (a crawfish pie, a me-oh-my-oh) and other goodness, and it was
delicious! Ditto on the cake-like stuff we had afterwards (not a southern thing
specifically, but great nonetheless). His folks are pretty cool people, and you
can definately see his dad in him and his mom in his sister. His dad
has a great accent as well, he reminded me of Boomhauer
from the show King of the Hill.

The other day I took a long time and cleaned my car. I gave it the
“Mothers” treatment (Mothers is the brand of car wash/wax stuff that was
recommended to me) and gave it the wash, the wax removal treatment, the pre-wax
sealer, then the wax job. After that it was tires, rims, interior (dust, armour
all) and windows (rain-x brand window cleaner). All in all it took about 5
hours, and left me very sore and tired (and dehydrated, as I was in the hot
sun). A job well done though, I’m quite happy with the results. I even had a
day of sun to drive in before it started raining this afternoon. I must say the
disturbing part of it all was seeing all the little nicks and scraps that I
have. Guess next time I’m in town I get some touch up paint and go to it with
that eh?

I’m trying out the new KDE. On Wim’s suggestion I tried it (the day
before the final 3.0 was released too!) and am using it to give it a good
go-round, and see if it sucks or not. I’m quite happy so far, and the liquid
theme (see the nyetwork.org link for screenshots) is awsome looking. The only
complaint I have really so far is that while the environment is quite mature,
there are far better apps that are GNOME based (ie: PAN, galeon (though the 3.1 version of konqueror is
going to have tabbed browsing) burning utils like gtoaster, and powershell (though
this version of Konsole seems to have much nicer hotkey support). All in all I’m
going to give it a bit longer before I give it a thumbs up. I think most of it
is getting used to and learning the environment and it’s little quirks. There’s
some cool stuff in here though, that’s for sure!