Time to Spring Ahead!

Why the hell am I still up? Trying out Dungeon Siege. It’s ok, a
bit like Ultima Online was I assume (I never played it). While it is very nice
looking, the first part, and I admit I’m not all that far along, is
booooooooring. Basically you walk along, and at set times baddies in
various forms (flying mosquitoes, gouls, and dog-like things so far) come out of
the woods, and you click on them and kill them, then continue down the path a
bit farther, and wait until the next set of baddies jump out at you. I am
playing on the easy level, so I’m guessing that in harder levels the combat is
actually hard, but as you’re not actually doing combat other than clicking that
you want to attack the first in the set of baddies… (your character is smart
enough to attack the rest of the baddies that are piling around you). You can
cast spells as well, and have to deal with your inventory, deciding which
weapons to keep and which to throw away when your sack is full. I’ll play a bit
more, but so far I have to give it 2 out of 5 thumbs down.

Ever notice how your cats react differently to catnip? So far I have a stoner
(Rex) a scrapper (Zoon) and the one who gets the munchies really bad
(Cornelious). Weird eh?