Just finished Cryptonomicon, which I’ve
been working on for a while now, but only recently had the time to get it
finished. It was a great book, full of pure geek-love, and lots of
cool crypto, security and networking geek stuff. I only have a couple of complaints
about the book. It took far too long to really get going, and things
only got exciting around 3/4 of the way through. They also should have (IMHO)
gotten more into the details and actual utilization of the Crypt. However, the
scenes such as when Randy was in jail, and how he did his really cool stuff with
the laptop (which I’ll not talk about here, as hopefully others out there who
haven’t read it yet will go and read it now), far outweigh any bitching I may do

Started on Neil Stephenson‘s novel
First there was the command line… right afterward 🙂

Oh, also started going to the gym again. I figure I’ll go every morning until
my pass-book is depleted. It’s nice when “first thing in the morning” means
“when I wake up” and not “6-bloody-oclock in the AM”. I can definately feel
this morning in my abs… youch!

Aside – why-oh-why does Star Trek Voyager have such a high percentage of shows
relying on actresses appearing with themselves (evil twin sister from another
dimension type episodes)?