“Sister! So you have a twin sister?”

Well, my brilliant plan of going to the gym every morning this week were foiled,
today at least, by pain in my chest and abs. Guess maybe I should take it easy
the first couple of times back eh? I’m going tomorrow morning though, don’t
worry. The workout tomorrow will start a day of long and less than exciting
events that will take me to white rock, downtown vancouver
and finally maple ridge. Weeee…. the reasons for these trips are mundane at

Today was partially spent sitting, partly standing, and partly driving. Laundry
was done, kde 3 (final) was partially compiled (and
in fact, is still compiling at the end of the day.

Cheers to the Wendy’s in mission by “the junction” for reading my mind and
giving me, even though I only asked for two “frosty”s of unspecified size, a
large one and a small one.

However, the bill charged for two regulars. I don’t know if Wendy’s is one of
those places that doesn’t have a “small”, but only medium, large and super size,
and I’m not familiar with their cup size (pardon the expression), so I don’t
know if I got ripped off for the $0.20 of getting a small instead of a regular,
or if I gained $0.20 by getting a large instead of a regular. Jeers to the if
the former, Cheers if the latter.