Today, apparently, is Saturday

Ok, many things to tell… but first, a couple of dreams. The first was from
last night:

Firefly and I went to someone’s house…. it was in the woods, off a side road,
and the driveway went through fairly dense trees. The driveway was the kind
that loops around in a semi-circle, with an in and an out. When we went there
there was a storm going on, and for whatever reason we decided that unlike the
other people there, who were staying, we were going to leave. So we prepared to
go out. One thing I remember distinctly was staring down at my feet as I
crossed a puddle filled with ice, stepping on the ice carefully and watching it
go down and up as my weight went on and off it. Course, that has nothing to do
with the rest of the dream of course.

So we leave, and have to go out the in, as the out is blocked by fallen trees
and upturned stumps. The in is in a similar state, but not quite as badly. As
we drive through it, the driveway turns into an asteroid field, and spaceships
start pursuing us. I say something corny about “losing them in the asteroid
field”, and try maneuvering around an asteroid. They are much better than I,
and catch us in some sort of tractor beam. I break free just long enough to get
caught in another beam.

Pretty trippy huh? The next one is from two nights ago. I have been meaning to
put it in here, but have been slacking on the arcterlife updates.

I was woken up by the cat puking in my gym bag (though not in real life), and
couldn’t sleep so I went for a drive. I ended up by some strange house, that
looked unlived in, so I decided to poke around. I went into the backyard and
for some reason I remember playing “army” or Urban Terror or something. Not too
sure about that though… I went up the outside stairs and went into the
upstairs living room, and watched a little bit of TV. I then decided to go, and
got as far as my car when I realized that the TV remote was still in my back
pocket. As I was heading back to the stairs to return it, the owner of the
house came back and parked beside my car. I decided that instead of faking
something and lying, I’d still return the remote. I do that, knowing that
there’s really no way to avoid him seeing me.

On my way back out of the building, the owner is in the backyard. I decide to
go and talk to him, and ask him if he’d like an explanation (I know
I certainly would if someone was seen coming out of my house! I
go and talk to him and he says “sure,” so I explain that I thought the house was
abandoned, and just watched a little TV. He didn’t seem to care, and offered me
a beer. He apparently had a friend, who brought out a couple of beers. The
beer was fish beer (it was a dream obviously… the english “bass” beer excluded
of course), which was… fishy.

Apparently we ended back on the first floor in the kitchen, where I was
preparing to leave, and accidently spat fish beer all over this guy and the
floor, and spent the rest of the dream cleaning it up.

Ok, so on to more pressing things. Today is saturday… the trip that I took
downtown wednesday was good. Eventually I did make it to the JRFM studio. I told the lady at the front desk
that I had won a CD a while back, and couldn’t get in until now. She took my
name and went through her little book, and told me that nope, sorry, after 60
days prizes get reprized, to keep them from sitting around. This would have
been nice to know a) when I’d first won, when among the other things that I
wasn’t told was that I had to come in and pick it up b) when I called to say
where is my CD and was told I had to come and pick it up, about a month after
winning it.

So I was in a bitchy mood to say the least, and as I wandered to the elevator
muttered something about “well that was a waste of a @%@$!!!% drive.” The suit
who was waiting there for the elevator as well inquired about what was going
on, and I explained that I’d won a CD, and lived in Abbotsford, and couldn’t get
in here until now, and that the CD had been reprized. He immediately got my
name and address and said that “we’ll make sure you get something, driving out
from abbotsford for nothing is bullshit” (his words). He also said that the
lady at the front desk should have been nicer about it (wonder if someone got a
talking to after that 🙂

The dude turned out to be the general manager of the station, a Mr. Gerry
Siemens, and on thursday a package arrived with two CDs in it, and a busines card
from him with “with my compliments” on it. Very fast turnaround, and a very
nice gesture. Thanks Gerry!

The other thing that arrived thursday was my Income Tax return. A very nice
relief to have, as well for the people who I’ve talked to lately (saying “I
can’t wait till ma’ money gets here!” 🙂

Anyone who gets the chance, read Neil Stephenson’s “In the beginning… was the
command line”. Great read.

Anyway, enough for now, time to start the day.