Don’t Speed Up!

Wow, had a gooood dream last night. Trippy and committable that is

I don’t know how it started out, but myself, Foz, and Engel were driving back
from somewhere in Foz’s car. He was driving, and his attention drifted for a
second or two and the car went onto the shoulder, hitting a young guy who was
walking beside the road! Instead of just smunching him outright, the guy ended
up on the hood of the car, very much alive, and hanging out as we continued on
at full speed down the road. For some reason it took a very
very long time to get brian to slow down! He was concerned
about hitting the brakes too hard or something, I don’t know, but he kept on
going at the same speed down the road. At some point I got onto the back of the
car (no idea how I did that) and got a wrist lock on this fellow. Eventually
Foz finally slowed down and stopped. Dude was alright, and the other two just
figured it was ok to go. I asked dude if he wanted to go to the hostpital, and
he shakily replied “yes.”

Fast forward a bit, and I told this story all over, to the police. That’s why
it sounds so weird to tell it here now, as I feel like I’ve already been over it
twice already.

I’m visiting the police, a friend of mine I think, who is at a large house where
there’s a party for a bunch of members, who are all hanging around and chatting.
As the party winds down I have no way to get home, but someone leaves a car for
me to drive. Well, “car” isn’t the exact word for it.

Take your standard police cruiser. Now turn it into a stretch limo. Got that?
Ok, now fill that up with cool gagets and electric bits. now
put wings on it and make it a air machine. Oh, and the controls for flying it?
They are circa 1914.

My friend helps me get used to it, which is very hard for some reason. There is
no “pilot seat” per se, and there’s just a window in the front to look out.
I’ve never flown before, so I’m scared shitless at the prospect of killing
myself as well. The controls like I said are medievil at best. There are two
handles that control the rudder, which I use to get lined up with the bumpy
gravel road that the house is on the end of. At first I don’t even remember
seeing a stick, but finally I see it, a short stubby thing sticking out of the
floor. The up and down motion is controlled by ballast, and that is done with a
large pot of water. At one point in my maneuvering to get lined up I tipped the
pot over, and had to get my friend to get a re-fill.

Finally things were all ready to go everything was lined up, and all was good.
I had no clue how to land, but was fully prepared to go and do this to go home.
At a point I woke up, then thought to myself, “I want to see how this ends,” and
closed my eyes again. As I was preparing to hit the throttle forward though, my
friend helping me came around the front of the plane and said that while
everything was good to go, the color of the propeller, was… red! I guess that meant that it was a test
prop, and not actually able to fly with (like how practice rounds are marked
with blue in the military (well, the movies anyway)). That pretty much ended
things, in my dream at least. Around then I woke up and came out here to write
it all down.