Trippy trippy dreams, recorded right after I woke up, just… for….

This one is a bit of a two parter. First part is that I was moving. Moving
from one house to the next with my parents and sister (I don’t have a sister).
I remember at least three times when I had to go from the new house to the hold
to get things that had been missed the first time. One time it was a matter of
stuffing my dresser and something else into the back of the car, hoping that the
tie downs would hold it, and that it wouldn’t scrape on the ground. Then I had
to go back to get a whale. Big blue whale I think, but not huge, you know, pet
sized. I was in a bit of a panic, trying to figure out how to transport this
huge whale. I didn’t have a big trailer or anything, and I couldn’t get it into
the fifth wheel mobile home that I had. I think I even pondered just dragging
the thing behind the car, but that couldn’t have worked because there was no
water. The creek that ran around town offered a possibility to drag it in that,
but it wasn’t deep enough…

Part two takes place in space. I don’t know if the two sets of
events are connected, or if it’s just two dreams from last night that I
remember. I was on the space station I think, and the first thing I remember is
loosing my balance in space and putting my hand down onto one of those panels of
unlabled buttons… actually two of them. Alarms go off and panels full of
green lights go red. People around me are saying things like “what did you do?
what did you hit?” and I can just tell them over and over again that I put my
hand sort of here like this, but I don’t know
which buttons I hit, but I’m pretty sure I hit them with this hand and maybe
that one as well. One guy is standing on the other side of the panels and keeps
on hitting and holding down a “clear” button, hoping that the faults will go
away, but they don’t. Eventually someone suggests going and setting up a
simulation when they try to hit random buttons like I did and produce an error
like that. At one point I float around and one of the bright lights shines
directly into my eyes (I probably turned over and the sun came through the
blinds, or a cat jumped up and opened them or something). I don’t remember what
happpened at the end, but I hope that nothing got destroyed because of me!

The problem when you start writing down your dreams is that they are remembered
more and more easily, and when they are remembered, you realize what a
completely messed up brain you have, and share that with other people.

So I’ve been playing with a couple of things the last couple of days. Simply GNUstep is a
re-implementation of the NeXT OS/UI for linux. The downloadable file is a
bootable CD image (non-vmware working though) that uses linux from scratch,
grub, a framebuffer driver for X, and ghostscript display (very similar to what
OS/X uses). Sadly it’s coolness is a bit diminished because it’s very much
“normal”. I felt the same with it as I did seeing Linux on an iMac the first
time. Weeee… it’s linux. When they do really cool stuff with the
postscript display like they do in the iMac (cool colors, drop shadow,
blending, shading transparency), then I’ll be excited 🙂

The other two things on the list are Mondo, an archive program and GRUB, an alternative
(and cool it sounds like) boot loader (like LILO but not).

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