Talked to the Brent-dude at the gym again today to clarify the things that K
mentioned (“He’s full of shit” was pretty much what she said 🙂 about slow run
being better for you (fat wise) than a fast hard run. I independantly confirmed
the fullofshitidness of this in a couple of books/sites as well. Well, he
clarified a bit, and said that yes, you burn more sugar calories doing a fast
run then a slow one, and maintains that you still burn more fat calories in a
slow one (60% vs 50% or something like that), but what he uses the slow
run for is off-day exercises. IE: He works with people three days a week or so,
and on the off days gets them to do the fast-walk thing, allowing them an “easy”
day, but still doing lots of good things for the body. That cool K?