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Two clear dreams for ya’ll…

I was on the first manned trip to mars with another guy. We made it there and
laneded, and upon initial investigation we found (small) trees on the surface.
In investigating farther we found a huge scary monster on the top of a mountain,
who if I remember right was a bit like a minator, and was eating people who were
either fleeing him or heading up towards him. He was like a volcano, consuming
everything that was thrust into his gaping maw.

Eventually we found abandoned buildings, hundreds of thousands of them, and
hospital beds as well, all arranged togeather so that the houses were on one
side, the beds on another. They were all abandoned. We eventually found people
as well, and a lady tells us that there is an epidemic that is making everyone
die. It starts with muscle soreness (she used another word for it though,
starting with an “a”) as the first symptom. I’m not feeling any soreness, but
tell the person I’m with that I think it’s time to go. By the time I convince
him I am feeling sorness in my calves.

The other one happened right after, while I was dozing after waking up in the
morning, and was (IMHO) far more bizzare.

I rode bike down the hill from my parents home to Albion school (I was in grade
7 there). It was as it is now (or was), but the addition was that there was now
a lake in the front of it, in the top right part of the front of the
school-yard. People lined the road, the lake… they were everywhere, as it was
a hot hot day. When I got there I found my group of people and hung out for a
bit. After a bit I realized that I’d forgotten my swim-shorts, and had to ride
back up to my folks place to get them. I went over to the change room kinda
place to put my sweat pants back on, as I needed them to ride back for some
reason. Before I left the group though, one of the members, strangely enough,
Harvy Lipschultz from the show Boston
asked me if I could grab his shorts from his room as well.

While in the change room someone else comes in that I recognize as Krista L.
from elementry and high school, who looks and sounds (from the way she’s bashing
things around) like she’s had a bad day. From the way she’s dressed she works at
a burger joint of some sort. I ask her how she’s doing and she replies “Not good
at all, I’ve gotten to the point where I write essays for fun.”

“Why do you do that?”

“It takes time, if I can spend 5 minutes protesting or writing I will, just
because it can take time up.”

I am looking through a paper in the other room (I’m still changing) and see
something in in, and ask her about her grandfather, and what he did. “He worked
on the railway around ’11.”

“Well, there is something in the paper that might interest you, let me finish
getting un-naked [yes, I used that term] and I’ll show the article to you.”

The article was a “write about your grandfather” contest, which got people to
write an essay about their grandfather and what he did during his life.
However, I don’t know how that ended up, as it was right about then that the
dream ended.

I’d guess that those two dreams would be a gold mine for anyone who knows
anything about dream analysis 🙂