“Breath your life into my poetry, the reason for my rhapsody”

Last night foz came over to try some of firefly‘s wonderful rhubarb pie, and
tried (again) to convince me to get my head
with him. I’ve known he’s been thinking about this for a while, and
now he wants to do it this coming Saturday. The scary thing is, I’m almost
warming up to the idea. Here’s the list of pros and cons:


  • It’s almost summer, long hair gets hot in summer.
  • Based on Del’s experience today (he had to get his hair cut for a job
    interview where they may or may not like the long haired hippie folks), it can
    look good.
  • At least two independant people have said they think that I could “pull
    off” having no hair.
  • I don’t need long hair to pick up chicks anymore.
  • Having no hair and saying it’s because you donated it to an organization
    that makes wigs for children with cancer would be a huge chick magnet anyway.
  • Apparently I look like a dork now, so
    there’s really no point in arguing the “I don’t want to look like a dork” angle.
  • No hair + goatee = badass look.
  • Less shampoo/conditioner/haircareproductsingeneral.
  • Less long hair blocking the drain, getting everywhere, etc.
  • Can drive with the windows down for extended periods of time without making
    “phpt, phpt” noises while spitting stray strands out of my mouth.


  • I’ve had long hair since grade 11 (that’d be around 1992 folks).
  • Only one or two people that I know now, other than my parents have any
    idea what I look like with short hair, and those it’s only because they somehow
    got a hold of my high school yearbooks.
  • Sunburn on the scalp.
  • Didn’t want to shave my head until I started going bald.
  • What if my head is full
    of weird and odd shaped bumps
    ? No one really knows what their head
    looks like, cause it’s normally covered with hair.
  • Don’t want to look like a dork again.
  • I try to avoid shaving my face more than once or twice a week, no way I
    want to have to shave my whole head that often! (I’d probably let it grow and
    and then style it as it grew longer though).
  • I’d loose my membership in the longhair club…. granted, if foz does it,
    the long hair club will only be me and solas,
    who I know will never get rid of his (down to ass by now I’m sure) hair. He’s
    in Edmonton anyway.
  • Everyone I see for the next few months (years) will have to have the
    reasons explained again, and again, and again, and will have to go through the
    “oh my god!”
  • Sobs from everyone who loved the long hair.

So no, no decisions yet, but I’m definately thinking about it. Might be an
interesting change anyway. But potentially dangerous
thing to let happen as well.

Don’t worry, whatever I choose I’ll get before and after pictures for you
scoobyD 🙂

Speaking of which (scoobyD, this is to you too), some thoughts about going to
see Episode II in digital next weekend were thought of, after the head shaving
(as a reward or something).

How about a preview?



Scary huh? You people who say I can pull it off still think so? Oh, and even worse,
without trying too the count of pros and cons are 10 to 10, so I can’t even just count and decide!