Nothing says “job well done” like getting up at the crack of noon! I was up
late late late last night, pumped up on coke (a-cola) after finishing the game
we were working on for the demo today. I was over at Yohimbe’s finishing up the
last of the niggly bits… ie: did all the major architecture stuff that we all
did the last week actually do anything? Well, after a bit of prodding
and pushing, it did! The code is tight, cool, and fast, and the GUI is sweet
looking. Now we can go back and rest on our laurels for a bit and see what

I got home around 11:30pm and sat down and chatted with people online for a few
hours, wrote up a node
about Soul Miner’s Daughter
, played with KMail a bit (it’s not bad, but the pgp/gpg
handling is a bit shakey, especially on signed messages sent by
mutt. I’ll keep at it for a bit, as now I’m
filtering my mail on the server I can play with different clients and see which
one works best for me. End result of all this, I was up late enough that the
birds started chirping (those happy little bastards!), hence my getting up at
noon 🙂

I think today I’m going to veg, watch TV and movies, and maybe head into town to
Radio Shack, as I heard an intruiging ad on the radio about “DAB”, Digital Audio
Broadcasting, where they can send CD quality sound to the radio, along with
data such as song information, lyrics, etc. Sounded kinda funky. I wonder how
they are dealing with the implications of people… I mean, those
horrible cheap pirates
, recording the music or capturing the lyrics.
You just know the RIAA wants to suck us dry a bit more.

Speaking of the RIAA, I’d like to bitch for a second about Silver City. Yes,
they have the best theatres, but they do so at a cost, and the costs are
everywhere. Lets review:

  • Higher ticket cost
  • Higher cost for popcorn / pop (a medium popcorn and medium pop are (last
    time I looked) $10.50 CND
  • Plus – mini restaurants in the lobby (pizza hut, etc). Minus – hugely
  • Food places don’t take interac, but there is a cash machine in the lobby…
    except it’s one of those that charges you an extra cost each time you use it
  • Ads shown at the start of the film, annoyingly so, of their “sponsors”

Now I realize that they need to get back costs for building the place, but over
the period of a year the ticket cost went up at the Langely Collosus went from
$8 (just before Episode 1 was released) to $9 (the night Episode 1 was
released), to $12.50 sometime later in the year. I don’t know about other
places, but the Mission Silver City cost has gone back down a bit (I only go
there on matinees), but still. Ok, done bitching, time to start the day.