Lightning crashes…

The interview on Friday went well. Jammicron is a small basement type
operation, catering to mom and pop shops as a “full IT solution”. It sounds like
they are in need of someone who knows things like security, VPNs, and firewalls
to do some implementation for them. Hey, guess what, that’s me! I don’t know
if it’ll be enough to live on however, and if the rate of work they get for me
will be able to sustain my standard of living. Of course, it’ll be work, and
it’ll be neat to do the same thing I was doing before, but from the other side
so to speak. I guess we’ll see on monday. The funny thing is, when they
described the project they had in mind, the first thing that came to mind was
"you need a Merilus Firecard."
A bit high end for the application as they manage everything, so there is no need for such
prettiness and ease of use, but still…