This morning started around 12:30am, pulling my kitten off
the top of the screen door and closed it. “Spider-kitty” is her new nickname. Around 6am I
heard similar noises of claws on mesh and pulled her off the top of the window
in the bedroom, and closed it. When I say top here, I mean top, upper six
inches. A couple of hours later I woke up with a vicious headache, took drugs,
tried to get back to sleep. Least that was gone by the time I hit the gym.

Thinking of converting from my current mail client of evolution and going
to/back to mutt and procmail. VFolders are undeniably cool, but some of
evolutions features (including some strangeness in the GPG/PGP handling), as
well as some things that are simply signs of it being an early generation mail
client, without the ability to say, show you a total of the messages in a
folder, only the “new” messages, kinda sucks. I like vfolders because I can
make then and change them as I feel like it… but they can be/are slow, and a
bitch to deal with sometimes.