I woke up this morning with the following words on my lips:

What a horrible fscking nightmare! I was dreaming about HOMEWORK!

This is what I remember…

There were a couple of distinct parts… the first of which was being in a huge
boarding school. While there, one morning I went to go to the hot tub. There
were three floors, and each had a hot tub and pool, and each had it’s own heat
level. I went to the one on the second floor, not too hot, not too cold. On my
way there, there was an announcement that I partially heard, something about
ignoring classes and going home. I didn’t hear it really well though, so I
asked a couple of people who I saw while in the hot tub (which wasn’t many, which
I found odd). When I was done I headed back and on my way back passed by an
assembly with a lot of teachers and students. They were saying that last night
a werewolf had attacked, and the result of which I don’t remember…

I think I might have seen the werewolf, but even in my dream I don’t remember.
It might have been just a wolf that had wandered into the school. Hard to

Thus starts part two, mostly connected, no idea what the events from part one to
this are.

I was doing homework, on the first part of which was on the first chapter of a
book of some sort. I was in the middle of getting the computer set up to use a
word processor to do the report (this was not my first choice for some reason).
The weird part was that I was doing it on top of a tank. Firefly was there, as
was Fozbaca, who was bugging me to get finished
so he could use either the tank or the computer.

What a nightmare eh?