I woke up this morning and found my cat trying to eat me.

Woke up this morning from a nightmare of sorts.

We were all going to the Episode II screening in the Mission theater after work,
except it was really a Maple Ridge theater… I drove myself and Firefly there
in a big panel van, the kind that UPS uses for deliveries. We got there and
stood in line, and I tried to get a hold of Cat5. I never did get a hold of
him, but he showed up eventually, after I went looking for him. When it finally
came time that the doors had opened we found out that the place only took cash,
so we had to go and find someplace with a money machine. The lady kindly
informed us that the strip club up the street had one. For some reason I had brought
my kitten with me, and had to find a place to keep her while we were in the
movie. I put her in what was left of the van (it was pushed over and destoyed
by some hoodlums while in the parking garage). I tried to arrange the remains
so she couldn’t escape out until we got back. This made me quite distraught.

Crazy old cat man indeed!

We are however, going to see Episode II today. Heading for the noon showing,
aiming to leave here around 10:30. I hope that it’s not too crowded, as we have
no real idea how busy it will be!

I think I spent half the night about that and half the night about how I’m going
to filter all my mail on the server with procmail and move my mail client from Evolution to mutt.

I woke up at 6am, then 8am (the latter when my big black cat came and sat on my
chest, dug his huge claws into my chin and said in his own way “You will pet me