Wanker: (n) Someone who randomly changes the baseline setting on your scale

Wow, busy couple of days. On thursday, a bunch of people got togeather to go to
the Episode II matinee. For anyone who hasn’t gone yet, or is hesitant due to
thinking that Episode I sucked, GO! (Warning, potential
spoilers ahead

The movie finally gets it right I think. There were some sucky bits (the love
stuff they threw in) that really just got in the way of the ass kicking, but
other than that it was fantastic. We got introduced to many more varied
and interesting worlds, and for some places, got to see a lot deeper in
than the quick look we had before.

There were a lot more people as well, and different people. A fair number of
them were complete CGI. This time though, they didn’t feel as forced and out of
sync with the rest of the movie like they did in Episode I. Sometimes they
didn’t seem quite “there” (the dude in the diner for example), but for the most
part, they went in completely un-noticed as anything other than another
character in the movie. A lot was learned as well… some people’s origins
(Boba Fett for example), and a bunch of events we knew were going to happen
somewhere/somehow, but weren’t quite sure exactly when or how.

The best part though, was the abundance of ass kicking, lightsaber wielding,
ship racing, kick ass scenes. Finally we get to see more than one Jedi fight,
and we get to see Yoda show why he is so revered and respected by the Jedi.
Ships racing through asteroid belts, through crowded city skies, etc etc. The
list goes on and on.

Just go see it.

What else has happened here lately. I’ve been working on the contract for
Yohimbe, which has been going well. There was actually a significant amount of
progress made yesturday, and things are shaping up quite well. With a deadline
of monday or tuesday, things’ll be busy for a couple of days, but all should go
well. One sticker in the whole thing is we have a wedding to go to for Kelora and
WhiteKnight, it’s in about four hours from now, so eventually I have to get up
and get ready. I’m really glad it’s not a formal type wedding, and I can go
simply slightly nicer than normal clothes 🙂

Read a bit about GeoCaching on Wil Wheaton‘s site. Sounds like a lot of
fun, and there are actually a few caches locally. Anyone mind giving me a GPS?

The kitten…. oh yes, the kitten. While she is adorable
of course, she seems to have been making it the goal in her fuzzy life to get to
the highest places in the apartment lately. Be in the top of the screen door,
the screen on the bedroom window, the top bookshelf in the living room, the top
shelf in the bathroom, or the top of the door of the bathroom…. Sometimes
she’ll get to the top and look at you and simply squeak, especially if she’s
gotten somewhere where couldn’t have gotten without your “help” (ie: jumping
onto your back while you’re brushing your teeth and then leaping from there
to the top of the door). Luckily she’s still a very small cat (or is it
kitten… I think she’s about 6-8 months old now), so she hasn’t destroyed too
much. I cringe to think what would happen if Rex (the 14-16 pound beast)
decided to do that!

Had a “Nerdvana” moment yesturday. Myself, coding at my desk, Foz beside me,
reading me items to work on, talking to Yohimbe, sitting on my couch with a
laptop, coding away on other things. Ah, bliss……

Nothing yet with Jammicron. They’re waiting for word back from their client,
whom they’d bill me out to I guess, but hopefully they’ll hear back soon.