Much needed updates done, film at 11

Most of my day today was spent at the wedding for Kelora and WNight, which was very cool.
The theme was medievil, so most everyone dressed up, with some looking more
awsome than others. I spent nearly a full film on it, so as soon as the cats do
something amusing, I’ll take it in to be processed, and post the pictures
somewhere here for ya’ll. It was a nice and relaxed wedding, in almost perfect
weather, except for the pollen aggravating my allergies. The finale was a nice
reception at a friends home, with tons and tons of great food.

A fair amount of the rest of today was spent working on redoing some of the
stuff on the main page of this site, which I’m taking a wild guess that no one
really visits. Last time the frontpage was updated was nearly two years ago,
and a lot of the content in the ‘about’ type pages was just completely out of
date (I was just working at NetMaster apparently). I’ve put it into a hopefully
more easy-going, and amusing style, mixing rambling narrative with links to
various files I’ve found, created, or stolen over the years.