Alan Truism #15984: Never go running when your toenails need clipping.

My cat is so bad… he waits until I get up from my chair and is on my way back
to it before he jumps up and looks cutely at me while spinning slowly around.

Still no go in the job search. My resume probably
needs some working over. I’m thinking more professional and less verbose. Bah.
Oh, yea, by the way, the last few days have absolutely sucked, but I’ll get to
that in a second, after the fun thing I did.

The fun thing was heading down to Seattle wednesday to hang out with Jim and head
to the SPUG meeting, where they talked
Perl and it was cool. Part of the beauty was that since it was more focused than
a Linux group, where you’re assured of having a wide variety of knowledge and
experience, the Perl group was pretty focused, and had about 10-20 people in
attendance (they boast 400 on their list). They had a talk on two Damian
modules, Lingua::EN::Inflect
and Getopt::Declare,
both equally cool. They have a strange, almost cult-like obsession with Damian
for some reason. It’s quite disturbing. He’s actually going to talk with them
next month, and I’ll try to drag Cuv and Yohimbe out there for it, and have some
guys to Geek out to Perl with.

Yea, the last week has sucked though, as my allergies have flared up far more
than normal. Coming back from my run this morning I hoped for death, and in
addition to being itchy eyed, plugged up, and scratchy throated, I had lovely
blotches on me. The doc said basically “nothing we can do, take allergy meds
and change them every month so your body doesn’t get too used to them.”
sigh. The Real
Life Chief
has a garden party tomorrow I’d like to go to, but right now the
thought of being outside, in the sun with plants all around me fills me with
fear. We’ll see how drugged up I can get tomorrow though.