Happiness! I have reached an acceptable head-fuzziness quotient again!

No, I’m not dead yet. Lots of interesting things have gone on lately though,
keeping me kinda busy. Had some awsome salmon at the folks the other night
with my uncle Peter (whom mom used to work with), and I found out (and this may
or may not be true), that I’m a direct ancestor of The Blood Countess.
Uncle Peter has a flair for the dramatic of course, but he’s also big into
geniology, so who knows. Kinda cool if it were true though, then I’d understand
where my urges to slay all the annoying little teenie boppers comes from!

Was taken out for Father’s day by my father a couple of days later, to some good
good sushi, where I tried to make it as interesting an evening as possible, and
introduced my parents to dessert eel.

Been messing around with the UFies.org site, and moving the old movie reviews
over to a new site. Hopefully it’ll shape up a
bit more soon. I also spent the last hour writing the last review, part
of the reason this is so late!

Silverstr thinks the only way to get
my list of requirements for the perfect job is to be my own boss…. a fair
idea, except that I really hate working for me (I’m a bastardly boss), and having
me working for me (I’m a slacker, and hate the boss). Oh well, guess I’ll keep
revamping and advertising my resume and hoping it
draws bites.

Speaking of other blogging friends (and no, the order on the top of the page is
pretty arbitrary, though weighted slightly by lenght of time reading, newness to
the list, and amount of updates… might be time to put it in alphabetical order
though), seems scoobyD is still blessed
with a small furry critter, sadly not a cat (though one would help at this
point). My advice via FireflyMom was to use the Walmart live traps, but make
sure you check them often.

Random linkage. It’s 30megs, but well worth it. Typical Male Robot
(avi, divx) is funny and true to life, and wonderfully animated.
Grab it from http://www.cronimation.com, along with
The Geek and the Fu, his
other short video. Trust me, they are both worth the watch, and I do mean full
watch, as the credits are just as good as the video.