Another into the fold.

A warm welcome to the blogging/journalling/weblogging world to scoobyD!

The job interview went really well, but sadly, no call back 🙁 (they said
they’d let the lucky winner know tuesday night or wednesday, and it’s thursday
today). I really figured there was no chance of them not calling me
back, as I was perfectly qualified, and my answers to their questions were
brilliant (I was told I had “the best answer yet,” to “tell us why we should
hire you.”). The rest of the people they had there were ASP and photoshop
weenies who considered themselves “web programmers.” Bah, bunch of little
ankle-biters. Guess I just have to keep on looking for a job that
I want.

To that end, here is what I’m looking for in a job:

  • Make my own hours
  • Not have to worry about the boss getting on my back
  • Able to watch springer in the afternoon if I want
  • Do what I enjoy
  • Have as much time off as I want
  • Travel all paid for
  • Have gobs of money pour in while all this happens

That’s not that much to ask now is it?

Been doing a bunch of riding lately. Not long, but with lots of up hill and
downhill around town. This morning I saw that scoobyd was up at the college
helping out at the grad ceremony, and figured that was as good an excuse as
anything. Didn’t find her until she was on her way out, but it was enough to
get me a bit winded, sweaty and scorched from the sun, so I came home to my
multiple fans, fanning me with all their might!