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First of all, a big happy birthday to mom, the best mom in the

Got a job interview today with Nemesis
down in White Rock. They called me up sunday to say that I had a
spot at noon today, so I gotta try to make myself look hirable. The work seems
to be contract, so we’ll see. I can’t find out that much about them, but the
guy who emailed me was using a mac, and they seem to need linux people…

Put in the new hardware on the box
last night, curtesy of Fred. A screaming dual 1.13Ghz baby, oh yea. Minor
problems cropped up when the kernel didn’t support the new hard drive
controller, but that’s a minor thing. Had problems with the new SMP kernel as
well, but that was resolved with the help of a boot disk. All in all, it went
well, and things are going mucho fast now. I’ll have to pop by to properly
secure the new hard drive sometime, and replace the video card (I had a AGP card
i there, but the new MB doesn’t have an AGP slot!). Minor details that led to a
bit of extra time spent, but like I said, all is good now. Now to find those
mounting rails….