Bitching, whining, and IE-racists.

Sent this off to
after finding a nice job on their site, that I would fit quite nicely in

Hi there. I have noticed a couple of problems with the
website. The first of all is the link at is broken, you’ve forgotten the
mailto: part of the link.

Second is a bit more of an issue. I am using the latest version of
mozilla under linux (best known as the new netscape release), yet your
site tells me I need IE 5.x. First of all, this is the sort of
prejudice that destroys the purpose of the internet, that is, access to
information. I understand not allowing or giving warnings for old
versions of software, but not against the newest versions of browsers
(note that IE 6 works fine, though you specify IE 5.x).

I’ve accessed the site under IE and see nothing IE specific that would
prevent mozilla or netscape 6 (or any browser based on mozilla for that
matter) from accessing it. FYI, mozilla ( is a fully
CSS 1 and 2, HTML 4.x compliant, and is on par with IE 5 and 6 as far as
it’s ability to render pages.

I’m sure that it is something like a test for “mozilla” or “netscape”
without a check for version number. If this could be modified so
that people with non-windows browsers had access to your site, life
would be much improved.

Hope you understand my request.


I hope they listen to reason and stop their wicked ways.

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