Every morning I say “good morning fish”, but he never talks back to me.

Wow, I was almost productive today! Finished watching the second disk of the
Buffy Season 1 DVD, dropped my resume off at a computer learning center up the
road (think I could fake my way through being an instructor?). A total outside
chance, but who knows… I have (in my opinion anyway) more than enough
knowledge stored in my rusty gizzard to teach people basic office applications.

I also got a jabber server going on ufies,
with icq, msn, and aim transports, meaning that I’m down to one client for all
my instant messaging systems (well, there are only two I use), and have the
ability to send messages semi-securely (gotta love SSL). Hmm…. what else…
updated my resume a bit more, didn’t apply for a 3D programmer job at EA that required me to have at least one game
published. Oh well…

I even got around to updating the hair page with some CSS,
tig would be proud. Course, it displays
pretty well mostly correctly under fucking-netscape-4.x, so he’d be pissed off
at that 🙂 Of course, I do now understand a bit more about the hell it is for
compatibility (f-ns-4.x understanding border, but not separate “border-top”,
“border-bottom”, etc tags).

BTW, I’m looking for a good WYSIWYG HTML editor for windows that will be easy
for a newbie to grok. Any suggestions?