“And in this world gone mad, we will not spank the monkey – the monkey will spank us!

Much joy lately. My allergies have given me sweet relief, partly due to the
rain that fell a couple of days ago. Also, the heat has reached a reasonable
level, making the fans we borrowed un-needed. The one night though, they were
much needed, and worked perfectly, so much as to force my under the covers or
I’d freeze my arms off (the fan was blowing directly across the top of the bed).
I finally got paid for the demo we
did a while back. Holy shit, talk about pulling teeth to get some cash!
With some of the stuff I want to play around with (subversion, bitkeeper,
oo-perl), I can now play with that for the ultimategalaxy project without
feeling like I’m working for free.

cat5 (the guy too lame to make his web page 🙂 got
back from hawaii bearing many stories and stuff, but came back to toe surgery.
Ouch! I amused him yesturday and introduced him to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
Gotta share the love.

You’ll have to excuse me now, I have a big black cat staring at me very
un-subtly as he waits for me to finish my bowl of cereal so he can lick the
bottom of the bowl. He’s interrupting my mousing as well.

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