If only I could rip the nose off my own face…

Oh, the allergy hell. For some reason this week has been just brutal on me.
I’ll go through phases of sneezing, itchy throat and stuffed-upidness, and it’ll
come and go. I was fine for half the evening, and then just a few minutes ago
it started again. At times it’s been bad enough I went to a doctor! Course, he
turned out to be a quack, basically saying “we can’t cure allergies” (I didn’t
ask him to, just if it was possible to “do something about them”) and that the
best plan was to rotate allergy meds every month, suggesting a bunch of
expensive stuff to use (did you know that an 18 pack of clariton (which does
nothing to help for me by the way) is $24!!!!????) and that cats could be a
problem (totally ignoring my objections that I’ve been around cats all my life,
and my hay fever only affects me in the summer, and the rest of the year I’m
fine). Hell, even scoobyD‘s main squeeze
had a suggestion that sounded better (something about stinging nettles, or tea
or something, not sure). I ended up heading to the health/natural food store on
Brad’s suggestion, and getting some natural hay fever stuff. It seems to be
slightly more effective than the clariton and cloratripolon (sp?). Of course,
that could be just changes in the weather or voracity of the evil plants.

Speaking of the scoobyD, apparently lilo and stich is
. You heard it here, second, or maybe third.lilo and stich is good.
You heard it here, second, or maybe third.

Played around with gnome-2 a bit today, and
in fact am using it now, via cvsgnome.
It seems pretty nice, though not nearly as slick in some aspects as it should
be. The new Nautilus file manager is slick, and it appears, usable (!!!).
Pango renders nice antialiased fonts, nice new icons everywhere, and things
overall are nice and speedy, but the look of the panel for example, sucks.
Also, the lack of ability to change some keyboard shortcuts, and that you have
to know black magic to change your window manager from metacity to sawfish (or
back), or change your metacity theme (there is a meta-theme program, that will
change multiple themes at once (nautilus, gtk, gtk2, xmms, sawfish) and that’s
cool, but it doesn’t work completely yet).

I did some vaccuuming the other day to try to get rid of some dust for the
allergies, and it has gone a little too far now. At first it was just a quick
once over, next thing you know I’m asking Firefly to wash the walls as there’s a
new loveseat (well, “new” isn’t exactly the right word…. “matching the couch”
is probably a better description) coming. I’ve been madly organizing shelves,
books, and magazines for the last couple of days. I was a total slacker today
though, I didn’t get half the things done I wanted to, other than finish
watching the directors commentary for Mallrats. Oh well, more cleaning
tomorrow as well as work on the resume to use some
suggestions people have sent (thanks to cat5 and cat5-sis) and make several
versions of it to tailor a bit more to the jobs I’m applying for. I need a
perl-resume, a c-resume, a sysadmin-resume, a general-computer-resume, and a

Other thing of note was tonight was the farewell Sushi Monday for the old crew
from Merilus. Bspudd, Foz, Engel, Cuv, myself and Firefly were all there at
Nikkos in Abby (best california roll ever claim some, though their tuna roll is
substandard compared to the fantastic ones I got at Sumas Sushi the other day…
I’ve been eating a lot of tuna based on K’s workout/diet page). Foz as you
may or may not know, is heading back to Kentucky to search for work in a more…
“budget-friendly” environment (living off the parents). He’s been up here for
what, almost two years now, and it’ll be sad to see him go. Hopefully he’ll be
back up here again soon, or at least on this coast, working in Seattle or
something. I’ll miss you my friend.