Argh! Get this song out of my head!

First, a dream…

I dreamt that at the end of the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back there was a
trailer for yet another Kevin Smith movie (something I’ve been
wondering about I guess…. what’s next?) called something like “The Empire
Strikes Back… again”. This movie was something like Empire, but…. new.
Excited of course, and looking to make sure it’s not a hoax lest becoming
dissappointed, I emailed him. As the reply came from
(which I figured was a free mail service he used while out of his home town of
New Jersey), it must have been authentic. Kevin told me how he was taking a lot
of old and unused footage from Empire and splicing it togeather with new head
shots and backgrounds and special effects to make a new movie. He even showed
me (somehow, don’t remember how) some footage with missing heads, and unfinished
special effects, as well as obviously added in characters into old footage.
Pretty cool. This was going on up at Whistler (in the snow) an this happened to
be in my backyard at my parents house. A bunch of people were going to go up
the hill and watch the filming, but I had to take the garbage out. After I did
this for some reason I walked down the road for a bit, and watched the sunset.
While I was walking, I heard a great jet noise, and when I looked up, the
concord was coming overhead! Very cool. Not long after I watched some
skydivers come down (not from the concord though) in the neighbors field. Not
long after that the cats started fighting and I got up to go
and beat on them a bit….

Yesturday was a day of resume work, resulting in something that I’d be happy to
show people. Sadly, it was done in MS word whose ability to produce good HTML
has somehow gone away, and the resulting mish-mash of HTML, XML, and style
sheets is almost as big as the original .doc file! Until xmlresume releases 1.4.n+1 I’m stuck
maintaining multiple versions though 🙁 I just feel dirty sending my resume off
as a word attachment!

Went over to Firefly’s to help load her horses into someone’s trailer to move
them to a new field… the field was totally overgrown, and when we tried to
load them into the trailer…. well, let’s just say it was an hour an a half
(while trying to make a dinner date with Yohimbe and Webdiva) of beating,
tempting, yelling, crying, and food treats before we finally gave up. And
then one of them stepped on Firefly’s mom! It wasn’t serious I don’t
think, nothing broken anyway. This meant a lovely trip to the hospital though,
although (I was following in my car behind them) halfway there they stopped to
drop us off to make our dinner date.

The rest was uneventful. Chatted about various things, and then went home where
I did some computer stuff and then flaked out in front of the TV, with one
nostril plugged up (I took enough allergy stuff to keep me happy most of the
day, but as I didn’t know we’d have extra horse “issues” I ran out at the end).